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Asked a question 16 days ago

I am new to ConvertKit so I am not sure what is going on. I sent an email to my subscribers with a zip file attachment. When it is opened and downloaded on a computer it works perfectly, but when it is downloaded to a phone or mobile device somebody else's pictures show up.

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Aaron Hockley
Photographer, Writer, Consultant

I'm guessing this isn't really a ConvertKit issue, but more one of how .zip files are handled on mobile (which is, very inconsistently).  Different email clients are going to do different things, depending on which operating system (and version) folks have.

In general, I would avoid attaching zip files to email... not just for this reason, but many email and antivirus programs will also flag them as suspicious.

If you have a need to have folks download multiple files, the best option is to host them on your website (or Dropbox, etc) and put a link to them in your email message.