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Natalie Lynch
Certified Master Life Coach
Asked a question 10 months ago

I am new to email marketing and I am creating some challenges to increase my subscriber list. Do I need a website or is convertkit good enough? Or maybe a better question... why would I need a website if I have convertkit? Any clarity would be greatly appreciated!

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Whether a website is an important part of your online presence depends a bit on your particular business needs, but I'd argue that pretty much everyone should have one.

ConvertKit is a fantastic platform to connect with folks via email and sell basic digital products.

A website allows you to create evergreen (ongoing) information about you and your business. If you want to have a relevant presence in search engines such as Google or Bing, that will be much harder if your online web presence is ConvertKit landing pages. ย If you intend to write articles (blog posts), your website will be the home for those.

ConvertKit and your website can work hand in hand to help you stay in touch with your fans / clients / audience... your website can help people find you and learn more about you, and you can then get them on your email list so that you can stay in touch and sell future services or products.

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Asked a question 10 months ago
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