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Mark bayer
President, Bayer Strategic Consulting
Asked a question 2 years ago

I built my site using the Leadpages builder, the site is hosted on LP, and there’s a Ck integration. If I’m using various Ck forms on the site, I want to make sure the collected emails are tagged with the correct tag descriptions that I created in Ck (“Opted-into Scicom E-book”, etc.) There is a dropdown in LP after you select the Ck integration, but it's not populated with Ck tags or anything else.

Where am I?

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Hi @mark.bayer@bayerstrategic.com41! Were you able to resolve this and find those tags? Just in case, this is our troubleshooting guide for the LP integration: 42

I hope that's helpful for you!

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Asked a question 2 years ago
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