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I created an automation for a webinar last week, the automation does the following: sends reminder email 24hrs before class begins send day of reminder (1 morning of and 1 hour before webinar begins) also within the emails are link triggers that segment those that purchase the workbook a survey is then sent an hour after the webinar and then last chance offer emails sent to persons that didn't buy The issue now is that I duplicated the original Masterclass Automation because I to host a masterclass weekly with new registrants each week. Again, same content with a new batch of registrants (EACH WEEK). BUT, new subscribers for the following weeks masterclass email are still being attached to the original and duplicated containers. Ultimately my question is this: Is that the best approach for me to take with the duplication of containers OR should I create a new one each time I host this webinar. If I host 52 masterclass (covering a full year), what's the best approach I can take, or do I manually create an automation each time for the respective week. Any help, clarity, feedback you can provide is appreciated.

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Hey @Ria26! If you duplicate an automation, it will not also duplicate the sequences within it. That is, the duplicate automation will still be connected to the same sequences as the original. 

Since we prevent subscribers from receiving the same emails from the same sequences more than once, this can prevent your subscribers from receiving your content as expected. 

I'd suggest making sure that when duplicating an automation, you are also duplicating the sequences (which you can do from their settings pages) and switching out the sequences in the duplicate automation to ensure it's connected to the new ones and not the originals. 

I hope that helps! Let me know if there is anything I can clarify further 😊  

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