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Asked a question 3 years ago

I have a subscriber who clicks every link of every email I send (and very shortly after I send it), but never signs up for anything. I am concerned this is a bot, but it could also be a former student, judging from the email address. Should I send her a personal email, checking in, or should I just delete her from my list?

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Just one? I have plenty of those!

No, I wouldn't just up and delete her. I don't know how big your list is, mine is pretty small - only about 2.6K, but even with that snall list, if you asked me to keep track of all people who open my email but do not sign up for anything, I'd be gong crazy/ 

Maybe just let it go and see? Maybe they like your emails and want to be within the inner circle, just not ready t make an investment yet. There are so many scenarios that could be played out here.

But you also do not need to reach out individually to everyone who doesn't sign up for anything, that may be too much. But that's juts me. If you have a super engaged list and this person is the only one not participating, and if you really feel like it, you could reach out to them.

But i just think that as our lists keep growing, we'd see more of this, and it may be bettre to start getting used to some of these peole.

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I have the same situation. Both email accounts are .edu (from universities). I am making an assumption that college/university servers (and some others) have a protector for junk mail that scrubs the email but then appears as a click (but they never clicked).