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I have been trying to get help for 5 hours on a tech issue with broadcasting. When I try to go to the content screen it's blank. I clicked on Beta Editor while I had content and I have not been able to get back since. I have cleared my browser, cache, and cookies. I am new to Convertkit so I am curious is the length of time it takes to get help normal?

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Aaron HockleyCommunity Guru
Photographer, Writer, Consultant

I've found the support times can vary wildly.  They say that they're around from 8-8 Eastern time, but I've also received replies outside those hours.

I recently had an issue setting up a third custom domain and emailed their support folks.  I think the longest I waited for a reply (during daytime hours) was maybe 2-3 hours.  A couple times I got a reply nearly instantly.

To the specifics of your problem: it sounds like you've done the steps one would expect might resolve the issue if it was your web browser.  I'd be curious if you continue to see the issues with a different browser.  When you say you've been trying to get help, did you send an email or use the chat bubble?  One might think the chat bubble would be quicker, but TBH I've had better results by emailing help@convertkit.com15

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