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Tyrone "Tyr" Jackson
Comic Book Creator and Publisher
Asked a question 10 days ago

I just finished my sequence to put that in rotation for subscribers and new subscribers but...I was wondering if there is a way to ensure that the newsletters go into the receiver's inbox? I've been told, from subscribers with previous newsletters I've sent out, that they found it in their junk mail, or via gmail - in the promotions section. Is there a way to make sure this doesn't happen?

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Calligrapher, Wanderer & a Furmom

Hi Tyrone! If you have your own business email domain as your sending, there's a huge change that your emails will land on primary inbox. However, if it's received in promotions folder, I'm afraid ConvertKit has a control over that because it's based on the content of your email and the overall sending relationship Google sees between your emails and the subscribers.Β 

The only way to improve this would be to fix the content so it doesn't sound promotional and get your reputation up by sending to your most engaged subscribers and in time this may improve to the point where it'll land in the primary inbox but otherwise ConvertKit can't control the placement. You can check this help guide for more information -

Hope this helps! :)