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Asked a question 4 months ago

I listened to your webinar on June 18 about email automation. I love your energy. I sell travel and do a newsletter; it has info on travel and then at the bottom travel deals that are time sensitive. I have created a landing page and with a click the potential client will receive a PDF and then the automation emails. Because my newsletters are time sensitive would I make them a broadcast to my subscriber?

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Hlw sir

Hey @JC Goodnow18! I'm so glad you enjoyed last week's webinar! How often do you send out a newsletter? Weekly? I'd recommend sending newsletters in broadcasts. Your automations can be used for an effective welcome sequence, an email course/challenge, or a sales sequence in which you want to pitch them on a sale towards the end of that sequence. Make sense? :) 

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help! 

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Asked a question 4 months ago
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