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Magical Midlife Mentor
Asked a question 2 years ago

I'm building a course in Thinkific. Does CK link automatically to that, i.e. can I arrange for my students to be automatically added as subscribers and tagged as such?

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Sabrina Finks, MBA, PMP
Business Development Writer, K-12 Educational Curriculum Developer

Thinkific feeds Convertkit, but not vice versa (as is the case with many SAAS) unless you use Zapier or the like.  Soooo for me, because my FREEMIUM is a 3pt video course, I am doing the landing page in Thinkific, which feeds very well to Convertkit.  It picked up all of my subscriber info including the tags.  Then convertkit is doing my sequencing.  I am using Convertkit for Landing pages when I have a FREE download (i.e. worksheet, checklist), however if I have a PAID download, I will move it to Thinkific for Landing and then filter to CK as noted with the course,