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I'm looking for a few creators who would like to strengthen their writing & teaching muscles, and contribute to the community through content. Is this you? Comment in the thread if yes!

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Late Identified Autistic Life Transformation Leader

I would love to share what I've learned in the last 2 years as an autistic ADHD entrepreneur.  There are differences between the Neurodiverse brain and the neurotypical brain so how I've learned to work, manage, create and deliver have been a huge win for me.  I've created and built a business, podcast, YouTube channel, email list, launched courses, workshops, and now have a new membership launching in Feb.  I am currently serving clients in over 47 countries.  I would love to share and have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals too if they have struggled with organization, executive function, video recording, tech and so much more!  My neurotypical entrepreneur friends have told me that what I have shared has actually helped them more than they thought it would.  Looking forward to an amazing 2022!

Potentially? To be blunt, is this a compensated opportunity? I can't afford to do a lot of stuff for free anymore. 

That depends, is this a paid opportunity?

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