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I'm looking for a few creators who would like to strengthen their writing & teaching muscles, and contribute to the community through content. Is this you? Comment in the thread if yes!

Louise Beattie
I'd love to contribute content about my experiences on the creator journey - there have been a few hard lessons learned along the way and of course plenty of good experiences!
Jessica Rodriguez
Hey Haley! Would love to chat more about this. :)
Rachael Schauer
Pick me, pick me! Yes! I’m currently mentoring a couple newbies along the creator path already and LOVE to share and uplift others.
I would absolutely love to! The ConvertKit community has given me SO much with free material. It would be an honor to help give back through contributing content.
Nikka Karli
Would love to hear more 🤎
Yes! Would love to contribute! 🥰
Haley C Community Host ☕️🤓
Love this! I appreciate all of your responses. If you would each please dm me with your email address, I'll get in touch with further details. 🙂
Samuel Ng
Sophia Le
B2B content writer / romance novelist here! DMing you my email address.
Sean S
Haley C Community Host ☕️🤓
Hi everyone! Thank you for your replies, and for those of you who have dm'd me your email. :) I will be returning responses after the first of the year. Have a wonderful week!
Victoria Maus
Yes! Sounds awesome. I think you have my email in a previous DM 🙂
Annie McGee
Would love to hear more ☺️
Yes! I would love to share tips from my Creator experience so far.
Shelby Nicole
Yes!! :)
This sounds fun! I’d like to, please!
Idk why my name isn’t up there, but my website email is
Dr. Zonzie McLaurin
YES! I’d love to participate and contribute with my knowledge as a empowerment/mindset coach, educator and researcher.
Sounds like fun -
Leesa Klich
Can you provide more details, please? Who will this content be created for? Where will it be published? What other expectations do you have? What are the benefits?
I would be very happy to participate. Over the past five years, I've built up a six-figure online teaching and event business with ConvertKit at its heart.
Sophia Le Do you ever present about your romance writing? I host regular summits on the craft of fiction and I'm always looking for new speakers.
Haley C Community Host ☕️🤓
Annie McGee Daniel Dr. Zonzie McLaurin Shelby Nicole uchenna thanks everyone! If you haven't yet, please dm me your email address so that I can add you to the email. I'll be reaching out in the next few days!
Matt Rhodes
Haley C Sending you a DM with my email address and idea right now.
Jenell B Stewart
Yes. I’m in.
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Late Identified Autistic Life Transformation Leader

I would love to share what I've learned in the last 2 years as an autistic ADHD entrepreneur.  There are differences between the Neurodiverse brain and the neurotypical brain so how I've learned to work, manage, create and deliver have been a huge win for me.  I've created and built a business, podcast, YouTube channel, email list, launched courses, workshops, and now have a new membership launching in Feb.  I am currently serving clients in over 47 countries.  I would love to share and have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals too if they have struggled with organization, executive function, video recording, tech and so much more!  My neurotypical entrepreneur friends have told me that what I have shared has actually helped them more than they thought it would.  Looking forward to an amazing 2022!

Potentially? To be blunt, is this a compensated opportunity? I can't afford to do a lot of stuff for free anymore. 

That depends, is this a paid opportunity?

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