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Asked a question 6 months ago

I"m new to convertkit and am having trouble trying to add an email sequence. First issue: I wrote all my emails and when I tried to add a snippet to the last one, it deleted all of my emails in the sequence. second issue: I can't seem to change any of my emails from the draft to active. Now it looks as if I've added the same sequence to the sequence 3 times, and I'm not sure if it's just showing that there are 3 emails in the sequence or if there is actually a new welcome sequence that will begin after each sequence begins. So confusing. Please help!

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Hey @sacredsassyandshameless5! Regarding the first issue, very sorry about that trouble – I've never heard of that happening before! To be on the safe side, I would suggest pasting your sequence email content into a separate doc, so you have a backup just in case. But if that happens again, please reach out to our team at help@convertkit.com2 (or via the in-app messenger in your account) with a description of the issue so our team can help investigate further!

As for setting your sequence emails to Active, could you please ensure that you have a physical address entered on this page2, as well as a verified sending email address? If those two pieces aren't configured yet, it can interfere with publishing emails.

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Asked a question 6 months ago
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