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Asked a question 2 years ago

I'm struggling with my subscribers getting two sequences at once. If a person signs up from a freebie, they get put into my welcome sequence. If they buy something, they get put into a buyers sequence. Now they have two sequences going at once. What I want is for my buyers to get the buyers sequence and THEN the welcome sequence after that. If I put an exclusion on my welcome sequence to exclude people in my buyers sequence, will it exclude them forever? Or will it only exclude them while they are actively receiving emails in the buyers sequence? (note: I have an automation going so that after they receive the buyers sequence they will then be put into the welcome sequence. But the problem is when they are put into the welcome sequence from another place of entry and then have them both running at once)

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okay, I'm struggling with understanding the concept of newsletter with only one subscriber! :D

Just kidding... I'm all lost here and i only started my account a few days ago, so don't take me seriously, and good luck...


Hamza Matar

Blair Wadman🌟Community Influencer 🌟
Email Automation Consultant -

I think this will be the quickest way to sort this to add a tag as an entry point and exclude anyone who's in the buyers sequence (like you have tried). And then remove the exclusion tag at the bottom of the buyers sequence and add the tag that is used as the entry point for the welcome automation. 

So the critical difference being to have the tag as the entry to the welcome sequence as well. People who are in the buyers sequence will be excluded from the welcome sequence. When they complete the buyers sequence, they'll get added to the welcome sequence. 

This could also happen the other way around - someone is in the welcome sequence already and they become a buyer. In this case, you'd need to pull them out of the welcome sequence from the buyers automation (you can remove someone from a sequence in an automation).