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Asked a question 9 days ago

I'm trying to figure out what the newsletter should contain from a content standpoint - there are just too many choices! Can you share what your newsletter content is? Thanks!

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I am a happiness coach and I help burnt out perfectionists find their way back to balance so they can build a life they love.

I write a weekly newsletter and each week it covers a topic I've noticed is a pain point for my clients (or potential clients).  I write about the pain point and/or a technique to help answer the problem they are dealing with.  I often include personal stories or anecdotes to help make both me and the topic more relatable.  Most newsletters include a CTA at the end which is often just to hit reply and let me what you think about this topic.  

Once a month I send out a branded lock screen graphic with an affirmation to help people remember something I think is important in building a life they love.  The email that week covers why the affirmation is important and how to apply it to their lives/how I've applied it to my life.

Hope this helps!