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Ryan Gray
Asked a question last year

I'm using WebinarJam to run weekly sessions with my audience and getting over 5,000 people registered. I have WJ integrated with CK to add a tag to CK. It seems like CK is sending out the double opt-in to people who have already subscribed. Is this normal behavior? Does a new tag trigger another opt-in even if on the list?

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Hey @ryan24! Yes, this is intended behaviour. This is because double opt-in is on a per-form basis. So even if an existing subscriber has already confirmed their subscription to your list via a different form, if they sign up to a new form that has double opt-in enabled, they'll have to confirm their subscription to that form, as well. (And in keeping with that, any sequences, etc. that may be triggered by that new form won't start sending until they've confirm their subscription to it.)

(Don't worry though; they're still only counted on your list once! More info on how that works here26.)

One way to help with this experience is to frame the incentive email CTA as confirming their registration (or whatever other incentive they signed up for) as opposed to the generic 'Confirm Subscription' messaging :)