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You Can Learn the Bible
Bodie Quirk | Pastor and Course Creator
Asked a question 2 years ago

I recently signed up with ConvertKit, imported my previous list from MailChimp, and sent my first broadcast! Unfortunately most people didn't get it, even though my from email was the same. I have discovered that most of the messages went automatically to Spam. Is there a way to have my subscribers verify me as a trusted sender on their end so they actually receive my messages? Could I send them a link (perhaps outside of ConvertKit) that would allow them to verify themselves so future messages do not go to Spam? Sorry, I am new at this stuff!

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Hey @You Can Learn the Bible33! You might find this article helpful: How to ask Subscribers to Allow your Emails38

Our deliverability lead has also put together some great guides on deliverability best practices — I'll include those links below:

  1. Getting Started with Deliverability Success41
  2. Deliverability 10137

We also have a category dedicated to deliverability on our blog36 that you might find useful, as well! ☺️ 

It's normal for there to be a temporary deliverability drop right after switching providers — because you’re moving to a different email service provider, mailbox providers will need to re-evaluate how they score your messages. During this re-evaluation period, it’s normal to see open rates temporarily decrease (or increase). The 'Getting Started with Deliverability Success' guide linked above goes over some steps that can help shorten this re-evaluation period!

That said, if you're finding the deliverability issues are persisting, please feel free to reach out to our team at help@convertkit.com23 (or via the in-app messenger in your account) with a description of this issue. One of our Product Specialists will be able to take a look at your account and help troubleshoot further from there, and connect with our deliverability team if needed ☺️