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Asked a question 18 days ago

I set up an email subscribe form which I embedded in my WP landing page. I recently edited the text on the form and saved it, and have refreshed my landing page. But one hour later and several refreshes, and the new wording is still not showing. What have I missed? thanks

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Jason Resnick
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Sometimes your site and ConvertKit need a bump as well.

If you go into the Settings of the ConvertKit plugin on your website and click the "Refresh Forms" button, that'll do the trick.

Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @Kerry3! Sorry for the trouble. Could you please try deleting your browser cache, and if that doesn't help, viewing it from a private/Incognito browsing window?Β 

If the issue still persists (i.e. the changes are shown in ConvertKit but not on the live version of the landing page), please reach out to our team via help@convertkit.com5 (or the in-app messenger in your account) with a screenshot and let us know the troubleshooting steps you already tried. One of our Product Specialists will take a closer look! :)