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Asked a question 3 years ago

I want to continually add emails to sequences, and I read the help page explaining that they will get the new emails depending on if they were added through a visual automation or an automation rule. What if you have both the visual automation AND the automation rule set up, will this catch everyone and make sure they all continue to get all the new emails? Or will it send them the emails twice since they are added two different ways?

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Hey @shelly60! It depends on whether the individual subscriber was ultimately added to the sequence via the visual automation or the automation rule (and if there's both a rule and a visual automation set up to add them to it, only one method will 'count' — it'll just be whichever one happens to fire first). 

(We'll never send the emails twice, though! We'll never send the same subscriber the same email(s) from a sequence more than once, so you don't have to worry about that.)

If you want to make sure the subscribers are never marked as completed, I would recommend adding them to sequences via rules instead of visual automations. If you still want to use visual automations, you can! But instead of adding them to the sequence from directly within the visual automation, we'd suggest adding a tag to them instead, and then setting up a separate rule that adds them to that sequence when they receive that particular tag :) That way, you can still keep track of the stats in the visual automation, but the rule is ultimately what adds them to the sequence. That way, they won't be marked as completed when they finish it.

I hope that helps!

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Asked a question 3 years ago
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