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- Julia Tarquinio -
Digital Teacher Resource Seller and Coach
Asked a question 3 years ago

I was describing my problem incorrectly. I want to have the email that is sent to subscribers to confirm be a personal email. Not the one that convert kit sends them. How can I make a personal email go out to subscribers where they confirm their subscription?

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Carla Lynne Hall
Magician. Musician. Marketer. Lover. Teacher. Blogger. Writer. Warrior. Witch.

The automatic confirmation email that ConvertKit sends isn't personalized, and there is no way around that, BUT you can set up an automated email sequence that goes out immediately to your subscribers.

However, this feature isn't available to you if you have the free plan. :(

If you have the paid plan, set up a new sequence, and write a welcome email which uses the subscriber's first name in the greeting. Set the timing so that the email goes out automatically. So once your subscriber signs up, they will receive the Convert Kit confirmation, but also your personalized welcome email.

It's a two-step process, but I set it up so that the ConvertKit email says something like, "You're almost in. Just click here to get your freebie". After they click that, they immediately receive a personalized email from me saying, "Hi Julia, Thank you so much for signing up for the free checklist! Over the past few years, I've enjoyed creating these resources for Teachers on Point, and I hope you'll enjoy them too!" or whatever you'd like to write to welcome them in.

Hope that helps!

TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

Oh! OK, so I was only able to edit the content around the button but wasn't able to edit the look itself. For some reason the text box is so thin that you can't really see it. But I typed up what I wanted to say in Microsoft Word, copied it all, doubled clicked the text in CK so that all of it was highlighted then deleted it and pasted my message. You can't see that everything is there but it is. Does that answer your question?