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Productivity & Platform Handyman
Asked a question 6 months ago

If you could add only one feature to ConvertKit, what would it be? Why?

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Online Writing Teacher

Bulk deletion of old tags and rules. My account is swimming in old link triggers that I used once two years ago. I'm scared to start cleaning them out.

I would also like "temporary" tags -- tags that naturally die after a given promotion ends.

More order to the rules page. Currently it's a nightmare and has often made me want to search for an alternative. Rules need to be sortable, draggable and placed in folders based on product/course. 

Blair Wadman
Email Automation Consultant, Web Developer, Educator

Content snippets that can be added to emails in sequences. This would allow us to quickly change something seasonal/timely that could then be automatically applied to multiple automated emails. 

Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

To be able to edit broadcast sending times directly from the broadcast page instead of having to unschedule, find it, open it up, go to the schedule page and reschedule. I move stuff around or put the wrong info in by accident so it gets very annoying when I have to shuffle 2 weeks of daily emails one day over because something has come up that has to go out today. 

Also more options when selecting subscribers, you can only pick 30 or everyone and you can’t select more than one tag or exclude tags etc. 

TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

Creating our own landing pages or being able to edit every aspect of the templates available including mobile.

Hi all! We've got a full Topic dedicated to feature requests now! Feel free to add your feature requests there, as I'll have eyes on that topic to relay your feedback to our product team. :) #featurerequests 

Carolyn Moore
Personal Finance Blogger, Speaker and Instructor

I am not a techy person so doing CSS is a bit difficult for me. If there was an easier way to edit things without coding that would be nice. 

Photographer,Writer, Author, Blogger

Would add a HELP button which is indexed.  Then we could search for help on our own.

Jason Resnick
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 WFH Dad - 🌱 - 💌 ConvertKit Expert

I would love to see subscriber time zones enabled.

Even if it's not to the level of sending emails at that specific time. Simply to be able to use Liquid to do some interesting personalization.

For example: If I send an email at 7AM EST it's 10 PM AEST. Being able to sign off the email with something like "Have a great day" vs "Have a good night" just adds that personal touch.

Trisha Torrey
owner / proprietor DiagKNOWsis Media

I would like a Notes field on the subscriber's individual listing (page). Something only the admin (me!) can see. It wouldn't be a consistent info point for all subscribers, so just something I can write any sort of miscellaneous note in.