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Daniel Goodman
Writer/Strategist, Founder at The Signal
Asked a question 11 months ago

If you had any advice for starting out on ConvertKit, what are some tips you'd share to your younger self that you wish you had known using this platform?

Where am I?

In Community at ConvertKit you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

A few things, some of which are ConvertKit specific and some of which aren't:

  • Never miss an opportunity to capture an email address from someone who might want to learn more from you.
  • Using Link Triggers in Broadcasts and Sequences to allow folks to opt in (and out) of topics they want to see more or less of.
  • Until it becomes untenable, respond to every person who replies to you.
  • If you're going to sell, sell from the beginning.  Folks who are going to be repulsed by you selling and unsubscribe early wouldn't have ended up buying anyway.

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Asked a question 11 months ago
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