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April Lewis
April Lewis, ConvertKit Certified Expert & Small Business Coach
Asked a question 9 months ago

In preparation for the group to start reading mindset books together... has anyone in this group read a mindset book already? If so, which ones? And what were the biggest lessons you learned from the mindset books you've already read?

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Carolyn Moore
Personal Finance Blogger, Speaker and Instructor

I am partial to the 48 Laws of Power. I disagree with some of the laws but most make sense and can be used in your personal life and business. I also like a fairly new book written by a first time author (from Detroit of course) "Always Make Your Bed" by Danielle D. Hughes. She did a wonderful job of inspiring and teaching and incorporating her personal story to show how she overcame things. 

Freelance Content Marketing Consultant, Co-Founder of House of Creators

I've read 4-Hour-Workweek from Tim Ferris (I consider this as a mindset book because it changed my mindset) and The Code of the Extraordinary Mind from Vishen Lakhiani.

I think the biggest lessons for me were that you shouldn't listen to people who try to hinder you from succeeding because most of the people do this only because it's their own fear and they haven't made it (yet). 

The second most important lesson for me was to have a positive mindset and go for it, always. And also how important it is to have the power over your own thoughts because you are always the only person who stands in your way.

While I think now about the lessons I learned, I realize that I could actually tell a lot more lessons which I've learned :D


TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

I LOVED the You Are A Badass series from Jen Sincero and the Big Leap from Gay Hendricks

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Asked a question 9 months ago
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