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Asked a question 4 months ago

Is it possible to turn off the automatic block of complained subscribers so that they can re-subscribe on their own? I've had many people inadvertently mark emails as spam (or more likely it is their spam filter clicking links in the email) and then send me an angry email asking why I'm not emailing them anymore and why they can't seem to re-subscribe. It's a horrible user experience that has happened to a few of my better buyers. Each time I have to reach out to CK to remove the block so they can re-subscribe. However, I'm more worried about all the people who don't email me at all and just give up after they aren't able to re-subscribe on their own. I would guess 99% of people are not going to email me to ask what it is up.

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ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi there!

We appreciate the feedback, and we understand how hard this is for the owner of the account. However, we have a process that we need to follow from the back end to reactivate them. That's why it's important to reach out to us once they have already done the following:

1. See if the email they originally complained about is in their spam folder. If so, move it to the inbox
2. Add the sender's email address to their address book (safe sender list, allowlist, etc.)

Once it's done, kindly ask them to send you an email stating that they would like to re-subscribe (showing their email address as the sender); then, please provide us that screenshot so we can escalate to reactivate them. You can always access the list of subscribers marked as complained on your subscriber's page>> click on "confirmed subscribers" then choose complained. 

If you have further questions, I recommend you email help@convertkit.com17 to take a look at your account.

Thank you!