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Wedding Planner, Florist & Educator
Asked a question 15 days ago

Is there a way to have a 2 step opt-in process where you click on a button that says whatever you want like "click here to get instant access" then the opt-in form box appears after clicking the first button? See photo for example. James Wedmore says this works best. I did finally see that this can be done with a landing page in Convertkit, but I really didn't want a landing page since I just need to add the sign up form to my showit site.

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Aaron Hockley
Photographer, Writer, Consultant

I don't think this can be done currently with the native ConvertKit forms.

I've used OptinMonster to do this on my site.  Here's how you would do it2.  Disclaimer: I'm an affiliate because I like their optin options so much.

Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @info@southernproductions.net1! It is possible to set up a modal (popup) form to be triggered based on a link click — is that what you mean? If so, we have a tutorial on that here6 :)