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Asked a question 3 months ago

Is there a way to start an automation with a date being the event? (Edited -- can't find anywhere that indicates I can start with a date, seems like only starting with added tags/forms/etc). Here are more details -- We have recurring webinars that people who belong to a membership (identified with a tag) will be eligible to attend. The day before the webinar, I'd like to kick off an automation for everyone with that tag to get an email saying 'webinar tomorrow', then the day of the webinar saying 'webinar in one hour', then 'webinar starts now' and finally after the webinar completes there would be a final date trigger sending out information about how to watch the webinar archive if they missed the live one. Then I'd like to be able to change all the dates in the automation events for the following month and have the automation trigger when that date comes. How do I do that? Here are some other details/requirements for what I'm trying to do (1) New members tagged for this membership get a welcome email which gives them the details of the next webinar (2) All existing members get the 'webinar is tomorrow' email at 6AM the day before the webinar (using a sequence with just one email in it) (3) All existing members as of 1 hour before the webinar get the 'webinar in an hour email (4) All existing members get the 'webinar starts now' email when it starts (5) All existing members get the 'thank you for attending and here's the replay if you couldn't attend' email a few hours after the webinar --- So -- places I think I have problems (A) how to pull existing members into the automation - looks like maybe I have to use a temporary tag? Really wish I could start the automation with a date and then specify it's just for emails with a specific tag.... (B) If new members get added after the automation has started (like between the tomorrow and 1 hour emails), will they be added to the automation? Looking like once a date trigger has passed, people don't just drop down into the place where it currently is date/time wise -- that they just don't enter the automation at all. Am I right on this? (C) One last thought just occurred to me - am I doing this all wrong going with automations? Should the only automation be the welcome email triggered by getting added to the membership? And then do the tomorrow, one hour and now emails with scheduled broadcasts that are just for those tags and then just update the email text and change the schedule each month? Thank you!!

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Hey @dlberkson6! Automations cannot be triggered by date/time events at this time; those types of events can only be within the automation. That said, as a general rule, we'd also typically recommend creating a new automation for each webinar — this helps keep the data clean & separate.

In this case, I'd actually recommend reaching out to our team at help@convertkit.com4 (or via the in-app messenger in your account) with a description of this issue and examples of what automations you're currently using for this (if any). One of our Product Specialists will be able to take a look at your account and offer more specific suggestions based on that!

In addition, I'm also going to include a couple of resources below that might help clarify further how automations work at a higher-level:

Visual Automations Events8
How to Retroactively Pull Subscribers into a Visual Automation6

Last but not least, we also have this Host a webinar8 visual automation template that you might be able to modify for your purposes :)

I hope that helps!

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