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Asked a question 3 years ago

Landing page URLs - this is a kinda question and a PSA after some good chats with support... if you create 2nd or 3rd URLs in the landing page settings, if you change URLs, or if you delete URLs... then you entering a world of pain. At the moment CK (all hail!) leaves any published URLs active/live. There is no automatic redirect (like some other tools). If you then delete a URL in the settings, not only does that live orphan page content get frozen - it won't be updated by new changes - you have no way to trace it find it, edit it - or delete it - in future. So, don't create 2nd or 3rd URLs in the LP settings - or even change URLs. Always duplicate the LP and work with one URL at a time - it's the only way to be able to keep control of your live landing pages. (There are unpublish and redirect features missing.) Thoughts, agree, workarounds, right, wrong?

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Hey @James Clay53! The 'orphan page' issue sounds odd to me... normally I'd suggest reaching out to our team to dig into that issue (it can be difficult to provide advice on technical issues from here without the context of your specific account/landing page setup, etc.), but it sounds like you already have in this case. Thank you for sharing your feedback, and sorry for the trouble! For feature/improvement requests, please feel free to post them here60 — our team monitors that topic, and adds requests to our internal board. (And of course, don't hesitate to reach back out to our team if you run into any more issues!)