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Asked a question 8 months ago

Needing some help with Stripe integration. I've done the "automation"-"integration" setup that comes up when googled. I've placed the end point, I've uploaded the code from stripe product to html block on Convertkit landing page but button doesn't work. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Hey @cris@crisbrady.com6, sorry for the trouble! For an issue like this, it would be best if you reached out to our team at help@convertkit.com7 (or via the in-app messenger in your account) and include the name of the landing page (as it is displayed on the forms page5 in your account). One of our Product Specialists will likely need to take a look at your landing page & its settings in order to troubleshoot why that might not be working. Thank you! :)

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Asked a question 8 months ago
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