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Asked a question 2 years ago

Ok, so I wrote my email (it is a bit lengthy) but it tells my story or part of it- why I do what I do, and how I came about doing it! It also welcomes my subscribers to be part of my team and what my hopes are for the team! Here are my top three email subject lines (FYI: I do not feel confident at coming up with these, so I really need feedback!)

Emily Mills Community Guru
I think you could be a little more succinct and shorter. I've read the optimal length is about 41 characters and shorter, and these are longer than that. I think you can get rid of the extra words that don't really help or add a lot of value so you can get to the point or the thing they really want faster! emojis are also helpful to add. Here's how I'd write them:

#1 "Welcome! Let's start training together!

#2 Here's the ebook you requested: "Get Your Leash On!"

#3 🐕🏃‍♀️Running With Your Dog ebook
Jordan Aspen 🌟Community Influencer 🌟
I agree with Emily. Something short and simple and easily recognizable—if people don't go to download the ebook right away you want them to be able to find it without having to remember your exact brand name or email address. So including a word like "Welcome" or even better "ebook" lets them search for it easily. The dog emoji that Emily suggests is also a great touch—it helps people remember who you are and what you're about and when they remember you they are far less likely to mark your emails as spam.
ok, I changed my best options...taking both your pieces of spoke I listened!

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Asked a question 2 years ago
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