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Asked a question 2 years ago

PLEASE HELP! I have been struggling to get the personalization code to work on my Clare Form Incentive email for two months now. I've asked several times in the help desk, but no one seems to be able to make it work. I'm using the right code. {{ subscriber.first_name }} I've tested it in an incognito tab under a different email address with a different name. Subscribed to the list, and the name still doesn't appear. Just a blank space. I've asked friends to subscribe. Even those in my confirmed subscriber list do NOT see their name on my email out to them. WHAT is going on here?

Jasmine Fox Community Ambassador
Two questions:
1) Are you using a template?
1b) With custom css?
2) Are you using any html blocks in your email?
2b) Or any snippets with html blocks?

Something must be conflicting somewhere.
Feel free to send me a direct message, and let's see if we can't find the problem 🙂

Hi Jasmine!

The email uses the "account default" template. It is mostly text; some of the text is a hyperlink to a pdf document. It has 3 pictures (one has a link to my site) and no custom CSS. No HTML blocks.

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Hey @schultztess45, really sorry about the trouble and frustration! This is the type of issue that would need to be investigated by our support team, since we'd need to be able to see inside your account to test & troubleshoot what might be causing the issue. Do you currently have an ongoing ticket with our team on this? If so, please feel free to private message me your account email address here in the community and I can check on the status of it for you.