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Gail Sibley
Artist, Instructor, Blogger, Traveller, Dancer :-)
Asked a question 2 years ago

This seems like such a dumb question....but I don't know the right answer. I've finally created a lead magnet. It's quite large (lots of images). Where does the actual file live? Someone said not to put it on my website otherwise it's too easy for others to get without opting in (not sure how if it's hidden..?). Others have suggested Dropbox (I don't much like Dropbox and only have the free version) or Google Drive (hmmmm....?). I'd LOVE to know what to do with it!!!

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Mike Ambassador Bruny
Founder and Head Coach of No More Reasonable Doubt

Hey Gail,
The first thought is Dropbox and having a link to the folder or document.  But really you can substitute the name Dropbox for any other place where you can put your file and only those who you want to have access to it, can have access to it. 

Brainstorming a bit:
Dropbox, Box, Google Drive (which it could even be a restricted Google site you create just for your files...the down side may be branding consistency), Does Flickr allow for restricted access to folders, Depending on what you are using for a website you could create a restricted page to house the lead magnet, also saw something called beacon.by37 for lead magnets. 

Just a few thoughts but I'm sure others can give you even more. 

Hey @Gail Sibley32! If it's a lead magnet, you can actually upload the file directly to your incentive email. That way, we'll host it for you and your subscribers can download it by clicking the button in the email. That said, we recommend keeping the file under 10MB if using that method. 

If the file is larger than that, we'd recommend hosting elsewhere (such as on Dropbox / Google Drive) and then set the incentive email to redirect to that URL on which it is hosted, so that your subscribers can download it from there. Those platforms should provide the share URL to use for that. 

You can also host it on your own site — there's a chance people could find it without opting in, but it's probably unlikely if you don't share the URL anywhere (and if your website platform has the options to do so, you can also mitigate that further with steps such as excluding that page from your website's internal search results, and/or setting that page to not be indexed by search engines). But if you're concerned about that, some websites also provide a password-protected page option! That way, you could provide the password in the incentive email so your subscribers know how to access the content.

There are a few different options to choose from! We also have a guide here67 on setting up the incentive email that might help clarify further :)