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Asked a question 15 days ago

Trying to embed form into Wordpress without plugin, HTML preview works, but page preview (and publish) doesn't, any ideas?

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Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @ianvantheman@gmail.com2! Could you please try following the instructions in this tutorial3 to embed the form on your WordPress site using our JavaScript embed code instead? (It's typically the most 'robust' option, and still doesn't require you to have the plugin installed on your site.)

If it still isn't showing after that, could you please reach out to our team via help@convertkit.com1 (or via the in-app messenger in your account)? There might be something funky in your form settings. To facilitate the process, it would help if you include the the name of the form (as it is displayed on the Forms page2 in your account), the URL on which it (should be) embedded, the way it's currently embedded, and a description of the issue.

One of our Product Specialists should be able to help sort things out! :)