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Brittany Huntoon
Professional Organizer
Asked a question last year

What is your favorite online course you have taken? What was it about and how did you feel after completing it?

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Angie Lynch
Pastor, Counselor, Writer, Speaker

My favorite online course thus far has been StoryBrand.  It is on clarifying your message.  I enjoyed it but it made me realize I wasn't sending a clear message. It challenged me to really begin to distilling what I really wanted.

TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

My favorite online course so far has been Maya Elious's Maximize Your Content. She's an amazing teacher, really motivational, and her teaching style is really easy to understand and relatable. I felt like I could really master my offer after lol.

Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

I've honestly gone through hundreds of courses in the last two years, and that's because I'm an information sponge.  I don't know about any of them necessarily being enjoyable, but now I'm able to tell which ones are worth my time and which aren't.  I also get a lot of them for free (don't think I'm going into debt from this or anything!).  The most recent ones I went through was PLF by Jeff Walker, Tribe by Stu Mclaren, and Elite Affiliate Pro by Igor Kheifets. 

Nicole J
Author, Blogger, Fashion Designer

Favourite online course I have taken? Uh i cant seem to choose. I did a 5 day Blogging Bootcamp, then i did a 7 day Blogging Business, then some freelance courses and they all helped. I have combined all the info together and learnt alot to be able to make my own course now 

Jason ResnickCommunity Moderator & ConvertKit Expert
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 WFH Dad - 🌱 - 💌 ConvertKit Expert

My favorite courses that I've gone through are any course put out by WP Elevation, Content Marketing Academy (no longer available).

There's been coaching programs that have had courses as a part of them that I've enjoyed going through. But not sure that's something that you are asking for here.

Jordan Aspen
writer and educator at Civilized Animal Productions

Hands down Haley Burkhead's Recurring Profit program. I haven't even finished it and I've had more real, measurable results than with any other program I've taken. It's crazy actionable. The point of the program is to create and scale a course or membership product from idea to $10K monthly revenue in a year or less time. I'm 3 months in and I expect to be at $5K minimum in 3 more months.