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Asked a question 2 months ago

What is your top priority feature that you'd like to see us build or improve in ConvertKit? 👇

💡Make the most of your Community Member profile 

Share more about yourself! Click on your gravatar> profile > edit profile 

  • About You tab:
    • Photo: upload a picture of yourself or your brand
    • About You: let other community members know a little about you as a person, a creator, and anything else you'd like to add
    • Banner: add an image of your creator brand, logo, or an image that inspires your creativity
  • Social Media tab:
    • Let other members know where they can find you and your brand across social media platforms. This is a great additional step to connect with other creators in the industry!

Send a re-occurring email once a week!

More context: a way to send out a weekly reminder email, without scheduling multiple Broadcasts in advance. I haven't determined a way to do this using Sequences, either.

I run a weekly event, and it would be so rad for a weekly email to go out with the same "reminder!" message, so I don't have to make them myself! Just set and forget.

Lenka Silhanova
Content Creation Educator for Creative Professionals

To have the option for multiple currencies – for international creators like myself :)

Also on the public version of broadcasts, that you can see the design of the template and it's not just a regular page. My design is important for the content and Creative Coffee newsletter just isn't the same without the beans! :D

CeAnne Jones
Content Creator & Digital Strategist

I am looking for a Visual Automation template that I can edit to use with new course students.  I am asking the chat person and can't seem to get this question across to her.  I see all different types of Visual Automation sequence templates for a new podcast or book, even trying to sell a new digital product.  I want one that onboards my new students and puts the tags in the right place for me.  I am surprised this doesn't exist.  Please consider adding something like this.  thank you!


I would love to see better analytics for how many people are on my lists, how many new people have subscribed, dropped off, etc. I find the tools offered now too clunky, and for some reason I can only get a "lifetime" stat on some of my forms, but cumulative numbers don't help as much. Better overview of this as well as training on how to look at it for best analysis would be helpful.

Kate Frances
Creative business and mindset coaching

More interactivity features - I'm focusing on increasing subscriber engagement and would love to be able to add Insta style 1-click poll and quiz options with ease 

Walter Adamson
Live Longer Better - Walter Adamson

Letconvert app.letconvert.com14 type social proof and visitor data capture (plus feedback pop-ups) and then activation funnels of some type for visitors who have not completed a form or subscribed.