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What is your top priority feature that you'd like to see us build or improve in ConvertKit? 👇

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Personalized Thank You Pages.

Right now I can only include a static page as a thank you page after someone signs up.

It would be so much better if I could use personalization tags inside the redirect url. In the images that I included you can see how it could look like inside the form settings.

  1. Someone subscribes to a form
  2. This person will be redirected to a thank you page
  3. Because of the personalization tag that's inside the redirect url, the possibilities are endless
  4. One of the possibilities is to greet the person by name. Or show a custom Typeform. Or show a custom sales message on you landingpage based on the personalization tag that you are using inside the redirect URL.

Lots of applications are accepting url variables.


Imagine what would be possible:

  • Redirect to a Typeform as a thank you page. Where someone can be greeted with their first name.
  • Or someone first took a quiz via Typeform. After that signs up with ConvertKit. And is redirected to a thank you sales page with a customized product offer based on a custom field from Convert Kit.
  • Redirect to a personalized combination of a salespage and thank you page in one. Based
  • Redirect to a personalized thank you page could give a higher percentage of users who are double opt-in.


(More about personalization tags inside this article: )

Example of how it could look like inside CK Form Settings
Example of how it could look like inside CK Form Settings
Just include the tag you're already familiar with
Just include the tag you're already familiar with

Brand COLORS! I would like to be able to access saved brand colors instead of having to put in the # each time I need to change something.

I would love to see better analytics for how many people are on my lists, how many new people have subscribed, dropped off, etc. I find the tools offered now too clunky, and for some reason I can only get a "lifetime" stat on some of my forms, but cumulative numbers don't help as much. Better overview of this as well as training on how to look at it for best analysis would be helpful.

Heat Weirdlastname
Author, podcaster, photographer

Tags on landing pages so I don't need to additionally set up automations.

Sarah Spencer
Songwriter / Designer

Send a re-occurring email once a week!

More context: a way to send out a weekly reminder email, without scheduling multiple Broadcasts in advance. I haven't determined a way to do this using Sequences, either.

I run a weekly event, and it would be so rad for a weekly email to go out with the same "reminder!" message, so I don't have to make them myself! Just set and forget.

Kate Frances
Creative business and mindset coaching

More interactivity features - I'm focusing on increasing subscriber engagement and would love to be able to add Insta style 1-click poll and quiz options with ease 

Lenka Silhanova
Content Creation Educator for Creative Professionals

To have the option for multiple currencies – for international creators like myself :)

Also on the public version of broadcasts, that you can see the design of the template and it's not just a regular page. My design is important for the content and Creative Coffee newsletter just isn't the same without the beans! :D

I would love to be able to send a form to potential clients after they contact me. To have an automation set up so that when a certain contact form is filled, a segment is sent with check box questions, or single choice questions, or written response questions. 
EX: I'm a dog walker and pet sitter, so when someone wants to contact me, I'd like to immediately send out a form asking questions such as
 "what services are you contacting us about?" (multiple choice options dog walking, pet sitting, training, etc)
"Does your dog struggle with any of the following: (list of behavioural issues)"
And some of those questions could get tagged. say, if someone answers "dog walking" as the service they're contacting me about, then they get tag to dog walking.

I have a lot of tags and sequences.  I seem to spend a lot of my time looking through the list to edit or reference the ones I'm looking for.

It would be REALLY helpful to have a search feature for tags (in the Subscriber screen) and sequences.

Kristy Routt

Built-in social share buttons so email recipients can easily share my newsletter.

Business Strategist + Launch + Community Specialist

I would LOVE to be able to get the URL of a landing page from the dropdown menu on the list of landing pages + forms. I am constantly sharing different lead magnets & opt in forms - but I have to click INTO the landing page to get the published link every time... so many clickys! 

Text Marketing would be great. Many people take forever to view your email and having them subscribe to a text list would be a quicker way to engage with them. Something like the "Community" platform but of course with ConvertKit.

David Bohmiller
Founder, CEO and Consulting Executive

Landing pages where the most-wanted-response isn't an email opt-in, but a product purchase (using ConvertKit Commerce, of course)!

CeAnne Jones
Content Creator & Digital Strategist

I am looking for a Visual Automation template that I can edit to use with new course students.  I am asking the chat person and can't seem to get this question across to her.  I see all different types of Visual Automation sequence templates for a new podcast or book, even trying to sell a new digital product.  I want one that onboards my new students and puts the tags in the right place for me.  I am surprised this doesn't exist.  Please consider adding something like this.  thank you!


the possibility to translate the email footer and GDPR page etc. to another language!

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