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April Lewis
April Lewis, ConvertKit Certified Expert & Small Business Coach
Asked a question 3 years ago

What's your biggest pain point with creating content for your business?

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My biggest pain point for me would be trying to cater to EVERYONE within the content I create. I want people to be interested in what it is I'm creating. So in order to increase conversions, I try to base my content off of the needs and wants of EVERYONE. You eventually come to a point when you realize that your business isn't for everybody, and that's okay! Focus on your unique audience, because they'll be your biggest fans! 

Master of the Positive News and Meaningful Marketing

For me, it's the research for my articles. It's hard to be satisfied with a finished articles, because there is always more info about the topic I write and more references.

TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

I struggle with consistency and letting self-doubt hamstring me through procrastination.

Jordan Aspen🌟Community Influencer 🌟
writer and educator at Civilized Animal Productions

I struggle to keep it organized. I need to create sequences from the gold content we've created over the years, but it's overwhelming to me to sort through it and clean up the automations etc that I've cobbled together as I've learned and grown.

Carolyn Moore
Personal Finance Blogger, Speaker and Instructor

I do a lot of research for mine too and then my posts go on forever. I am learning to take some of the topics out and save them for another post. 

Landscape Architect, Consultant, and Educator

I struggle with trying to stick with one topic and one audience.  I find myself working on topics for professional landscapers but then get side tracked with topics for home gardeners.  I'm hoping segmentation will help with this annoying tendency I have.  Same goes for course creation: I've got outlines and have started making content for several courses but have a hard time focusing on getting ONE of them done and uploaded, choosing THE topic and THE avatar student.   I want to make the "epic" course/post but really need to keep it simple, focus, and get a simple one done so I can put CK to good use.

Content Writer / Content Marketing Strategist

That I have 3 topics and to organize when I create which topic. Sounds actually really easy when I write it like this lol but I try to create and divide the content based on the need of the community and somehow it's hard to choose like this

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