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Nathan Barry
Designer, blogger, ConvertKit Founder
Asked a question 11 months ago

What's your favorite video you've created?

Where am I?

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My wife and I love going on road trips and hanging out with awesome people, so watching vlogs from our trips is always a joy!

PS: let's say I created 5-10% of the video and the rest was done by my wife.

Nathan Barry
Designer, blogger, ConvertKit Founder

I'll go first! 

This summer I took a week off to learn to sail in San Francisco Bay. My brother-in-law Daniel (who is also a creator) was on the trip as well so we were able to both take footage, so that meant a lot more to choose from. Normally as the only one shooting a vlog I just don't capture enough.

Here's the video:
Podcaster and Youtuber

Great question!

Right now I'm not super proud of any of my videos, but I'm really in the learning phase and trying to figure out my 'style' of filming and editing. So far my latest one is my favorite:

But I imagine my latest video will always be my favorite for the foreseeable future!

Serendipity & Kindness

My first one ever- not because it's perfect but because it took courage! It was the beginning of breaking through fears and learning to show up and serve.
Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

I'm not much of a video creator yet, but I guess the welcome video I made for my email list has been working pretty well :) 

April Lewis
April Lewis, ConvertKit Certified Expert & Small Business Coach

A marketing video I made for my business two years ago with Powtoons...
Jeff Bliss
Mindset with a Twist!™

Although I didn't think this video would be a favorite, 
over 6 million people would disagree.

I'm no vlogger. I haven't done much filming - but I've been playing around with using PowerPoint to create short videos. And this is one I created to promote a workshop I was going to run earlier last year. It got quite a lot of good feedback - so I've been exploring how I could do more of these. 

My favourite part finding the right music to make it have the right feel to it! This one - I wanted it to sound a bit ocean's elevenish. Hehehe....

Let me know what you think.
James Scott
Guitarist, Musician, Instructor, Composer

My Favorite Video

My favorite video to date is one I created about a month ago...

It's my favorite because I finally feel like I am comfortable with being on camera.

I've always hated being on camera, so this is a really big deal for me.

The reason I'm more comfortable is because a good friend of mine...who just happens to be REALLY great at all things video...helped me set up the lighting, and the room, to make it feel the way I wanted it to someone was having a guitar lesson with me at my home.

It's also my favorite because I'm starting to feel like I understand what needs to happen with the editing of the video. This has taken some time for me to grasp, but it's starting to make sense. And I'm getting more comfortable with Final Cut Pro, and creating an enjoyable viewing experience.

And lastly, it's my favorite because I'm actually having fun doing these videos now.

For the longest time it's always been my least favorite thing to do, but not anymore.


— James Scott
Jordan Aspen
writer and educator at Civilized Animal Productions

I was inspired to create this one because of a prompt from ConvertKit :)
Emily MillsCommunity Moderator
Illustrator, Author, Course Instructor

I haven't made that many videos, but I enjoyed making this one: 

Next video I'll get brave and actually have some of me and not just my screen!
Sean and Allison
Co-Owners/Creators at Spoken Garden Blog & Podcast

So far, our favorite video we have created is our "Pruning Hydrangeas for Winter" video26.

Super fun and we should have new videos coming out by next week!

This one is a promo for a course that is under development.  I had fun with it! It will be part of the landing page19.
TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

In undergrad I did an "expose" on underage drinking and local stores that sold to minors and I felt like Soledad O'Brien lol

John Bunka
Press Avenue - WordPress Tutorials & Community

I also love all of my videos but this one has been very popular. WordPress Tutorials for Everyone. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions

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