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Danica Kalemdaroglu
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Asked a question 2 years ago

When doing a Broadcast.....I like to use my logo for a header, what are the image dimensions? My header always seem to look blurry.

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I think the dimensions on the broadcast depend on the dimensions of the image and - perhaps - the template you're putting it in. 

The image you've included here is blurry on my screen. 

When I look at it as an image by itself, the graphic is a 1024x385 JPG (4 color, indexed) with a lot of aliasing artifacts (jagged edges)--which is causing the blur. I can't tell if that's because of the way the CK interface displays it or if it's part of the original.

Blurry images are caused by a number of issues: 

  • Expanding an image on the fly with html (which might be what's happening here)
  • An original that has been resized using the wrong formula
  • Too many saves of a lossy format like JPG
  • Resolution of the screen displaying it. 

Some suggestions for reducing blur:

  • Use a PNG instead of JPG in your emails
  • Save the original in a lossless format like TIFF or in a scalable format like SVG
  • Use a graphics program to scale the image before saving for use in the size you need. If the display doesn't have to change the dimensions on the fly, you'll get a better result.

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Asked a question 2 years ago
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