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Asked a question 2 months ago

When I import an email list, if I already have one of those email addresses in ConvertKit, will it skip that email? And if one of those emails have "unsubscribed", will that remain the same or will it be added into the list again?

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I can answer the first question but am unsure about the second.

Any email addresses that are part of your import that are already subscribers in ConvertKit will essentially be skipped - they won't be added a second time.

Jason ResnickCommunity Moderator & ConvertKit Expert
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What @Aaron Hockley4 mentioned here is true. That email won't be added twice into your list. But something to note is that they will get applied to whatever tag, form, sequence that you select them to be imported into.

The second part of you question is that if someone has been on your list already and they are currently unsubscribed in your account but you then try and import them back in, they will remain unsubscribed.

This is mostly for security purposes.

In order for that person to re-subscribe, they would have to submit their information through a native ConvertKit form.