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Asked a question 22 days ago

Who has a landing page they'd like to share? Drop your link in the thread!

Where am I?

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I'm super proud of finally figuring this out! 

This is my second attempt at an online creator business and the first one flopped. But I learned SO MUCH. 

CK was very nice about downgrading to a free account while I shifted gears and waited for a better idea. And then the better idea came. Previously my landing pages got zero or almost zero conversions. This one is just for a freebie I sent out to my list for New Year’s and it wasn't something everyone would be interested in so only about 10% of my list visited it (or possibly less and those ones sent it to friends?) but it's had a high conversion rate and now I've got all those people tagged so I know they are interested in this sort of thing in case I do something like it in the future.