Robin Dickinson
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I am doing the GYA challenge and reading through all the materials. In the article on 7 free ways to promote (, it lists being on a podcast. As if that's something you can just go out and do. When I looked up articles they said things like "Contact podcasts and get interviews." Cool. But that doesn't help me anymore than telling me to flap my wings and fly. 🤣 I'm stuck at step 1. How do I find the right podcasts to be on? I know it should be podcasts my intended audience listens to but I am my intended audience and subscribe to a number of podcasts and none of them would make sense because the topic has nothing to do with my stuff. There isn't a place where parents of kids who want to learn about the human body tend to congregate that I can find. Industry specific podcasts mostly don't take guests (podcasts for children) or charge people to be on them (such as homeschool podcasts). I can't find any parenting podcasts that fit (probably because by the time your kids are in later elementary school or middle school, most parents would rather listen to something like a true crime podcast than a parenting podcast). How would I get started on that? Thanks!