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Adam Dobay
Company Director, Cabbit Supreme
Filtering subscribers based on WHEN they got a specific tag. Date-based filtering is a powerful way to segment audiences, but it's currently only possible through subscription-based filtering. Date-based tag filtering would be great for a variety of things, including: *... (More)
Adam Dobay
Company Director, Cabbit Supreme
Teeny tiny feature request: could you put the Subscriber search field back into the right sidebar of the new dashboard? Searching for a subscriber is the first action we take in ConvertKit 80% of the time, and with the new... (More)
Calligrapher, Wanderer & a Furmom

Hi! Looks like the indent to ConvertKit's new editor is currently not available. However, this has been added as a feature request and hopefully this option will be added soon. :)Β