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A new episode of Deliverability Defined podcast is out now!

In this episode, we’re speaking to musicians looking to monetize their online presence and turn casual followers into fans and superfans. Learn to stay strategic with your releases, use Instagram to build an email list, and personalize content to incentivize... (More)

I don’t know about you, but I feel like ConvertKit’s choices for forms are so low! has anyone used forms for your site that didn’t come from ConvertKit? if so, where did you get it from? tryna make my site... (More)
🌟Announcement🌟 The next Growth Accelerator course kicks off on Monday, 4/5! The assignments have been adjusted slightly, and will now span a 4-week time period, rather than the original ten days. This is to allow more people to participate ... (More)

Today is Day 1 of our 4-week Accelerator Course

If you are ready to accelerate your list growth, you should join us for our 4-week accelerator course, which starts today.

The course spans four full weeks, giving you time to work through each assignment, alongside your other daily and... (More)