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[Article] Building Your Email Marketing Funnel
[Article] Building Your Email Marketing Funnel
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Zara Willmott
CPO/CEO Owner of Cat Sitter Toronto Inc.

Let's share our landing page links, with a small description of what we do, we all have so much to offer each other so let's share   Link to my newsletter the caturday news link to my ebook on choosing a cat sitter

I run a cat sitting business in Toronto

Now it's your turn to share!


I made an email newsletter sign up form that pops up only when it's polite to do so. I call it "Polite Email Popup" — and it has support for ConvertKit!

Hi ConvertKit Community!

Yesterday, I posted about my "Polite Email Popup" plugin on Twitter and people seemed to love it! I think you might like it too. A lot of creators and marketers want a better way to convert visitors... (More)

Freelance Content Marketing Consultant, Co-Founder of House of Creators

What is the main media you use for your content? Text, audio or video and why?

We use text right now (including photography) but aim to start using video soon. We started with text because this was the quickest method for us to get started. I know that some people get started quicker with videos but... (More)

Need some help! I'm trying to find the best delivery method for lead magnets/PDFs

Hi All:

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but I'm looking for some guidance.

I just started implementing a (list building) strategy where I offer a unique value-added lead magnet as a content upgrade that... (More)