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ANNOUNCEMENT: We're starting a new challenge on August 10th

I'm so excited to share this with you! I've put together a community challenge geared specifically toward newer and/or beginner creators, designed to help you launch your next idea out into the wild.

Ready, Set, Launch! 🎉

The Details

Each... (More)

The August Community Challenge

Have you dreamed about creating something you believe in, growing an audience, and earning a living online?

Now is your chance.

On August 10th, join the ConvertKit Community for the Ready, Set, Launch challenge and finally get your dream off... (More)

July Writing Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Who's up for a writing challenge in this group?

I'm hosting a challenge here, starting on Monday, July 20th (hint: that's next week!) to write 500 words a day, for a week.

The catch to this is that... (More)

Last day of the July Writing Challenge is today!

Today is our last day for our writing challenge. 

That went fast! 

How has it gone for you? What did you learn? 

Did you have fun? 😃