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ConvertKit Challenge
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Late Identified Autistic Life Transformation Leader

I am so EXCITED!!!!

I have launched 2 landing pages and the first one reached and has helped 43 new friends and the one that I just launched today has reached 3 new friends in my community. This means a total of 46 new... (More)


I'm Jodie. I am a nutrition coach and personal trainer. I teach online classes and do online programming aimed at busy parents who need help with their fitness journey during the busiest times of their lives. I am super new... (More)

Hi, This is Vik here from Mumbai, India.

Hi, This is Vik here from Mumbai, India. Have big plans for 2021... wish to start various online projects. I'm 36 and making a new beginning in 2021. I've learnt lot's of things and would be available for help, feel... (More)

Hi, hi, hai!!! 😘 Katie Baker; Owner of KJB's, bunnsonthismoon LLC- A Dietary Transition Coaching Service

My name is Katie Baker and this is my first year participating in the challenge. I just joined ConvertKit a couple of months ago, so I definitely need the help learning my way around. So far, I have been having... (More)