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ConvertKit Commerce
ConvertKit Commerce

ConvertKit Commerce is currently in private Beta. Click here to join the waitlist. 

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OlivyaContent Specialist
Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @Karma Cashflow2, are you referring to using ConvertKit Commerce? If so, please note that you'll need to create a new Stripe account for it. (Think of it like a ConvertKit Commerce account that is powered by Stripe, rather... (More)

Emily MillsCommunity Moderator
Illustrator, Author, Course Instructor

Hi @HotelierExcellence2, because the program is still in beta, I don't think you'll find many tutorials yet! Here are some pages to walk you through initial discovery and set-up:

Hope this helps!

Personal opinion: Commerce, as it exists... (More)

You should see a Visual Automation entry point called Purchases that can be used to kick off a variety of automation tasks such as adding them to a sequence, adding a tag, etc.   More information is available here5.

Hi @Dr Jürgen Strauss3! This might have something to do with the location you entered. Currently UK, canada, US and AUS are enabled. Where are you located?