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Creator Stories
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Haley C
Community Manager

Creator Story: Creating Her Own Colors

Online video coach XayLi Barclay learned the best lessons from her grandma - one including the limitless potential of a creator. Find out how giving her 110% to everything led her to creative possibilities she didn’t even know existed.

Read... (More)

Business & Mindset Coach

What is the main media you use for your content? Text, audio or video and why?

We use text right now (including photography) but aim to start using video soon. We started with text because this was the quickest method for us to get started. I know that some people get started quicker with videos but... (More)

Creator Stories: Empty Nesters

If you missed this the first time we shared it, you'll want to check it out today. Steve and Azul's story is not only motivational and inspirational- but it's also relatable. As creators, I think all of us have felt... (More)

Business & Mindset Coach

Grow Your Business RIDICULOUSLY Fast With This EASY Strategy

Do you want to grow your business ridiculously fast?

Do you want to know how the most successful Silicon Valley start ups grow their businesses with an immense speed?

Most people think inside the box but we (my wife Vlada... (More)