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CK Feature Updates
CK Feature Updates
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🌟ConvertKit Feature Update🌟

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to share our first community feature update with you all today!

↪Feature Update↩

There are 7 brand new features, including countdown timers, Twitter embeds, social sharing and sequence enhancements, and I can't wait... (More)

Broadcast Forward It would be wonderful if I could set up a broadcast group on convertkit, and that convertkit would generate a specific email address (for example that would only receive emails from an assigned email address. When I... (More)
Hi. I found this change today on sequences : "Should subscribers be able to restart this sequence multiple times? No, only allow subscribers to receive emails once This means subscribers who have previously completed this sequence won't receive this content... (More)
Hi! I noticed that my articles with a ConvertKit box in them now have TWO H1 headers - which is bad for SEO. the only fix I can see for now is to delete the header on my forms, causing... (More)