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Product Marketing geek 🤓😅


This is a „Dude, this won’t ever happen to me 😂“ story like you know it from movies.

A few months ago some clients started paying their bills extremely slowly (some after 4 months, some still didn’t pay) and that... (More)

Haley C
Community Manager

Motivational Monday

From the archives of Craft+Commerce comes this incredibly inspiring talk given by the one and only Seth Godin. Enjoy this as you prepare to crush your goals this week!

Your job is to make art

Haley C
Community Manager

Start Feeling It Now

Watch Chase Reeves' talk from C+C 2017

and give yourself a little boost into finishing your week strong!

Haley C
Community Manager

1% Better Every Day

I have a special treat for y'all today!

Every year we invite a diverse group of online creators to speak on stage at Craft+Commerce.

And every year they bring inspiration, practical advice, and let you into their process as fellow... (More)