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Deliverability Defined
Deliverability Defined

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Tom Barrett🌟Community Influencer 🌟
Writer, coach and consultant - Dialogic Learning

The Metrics Mess + Meaningless Click Rates

Afternoon all - lately I have seen some strange analytics on my weekly newsletters. You might be experiencing it too?

I know that the open rate metric has been eroded by Apple’s privacy changes.

But I am also doubting the... (More)

ConvertKit’s August 2021 Deliverability Report 📬

One commonly asked question by creators looking for a new email marketing platform is, “How is your email deliverability?

This is our monthly deliverability report to answer that question!

If you missed previous Deliverability reports, you can check... (More)

Tuesday Tip: Improving email deliverability 🙌💡🎉👇

It's Tuesday and that means it's time for another product tip from ConvertKit!

In today's short tip video, our Deliverability Lead, Alyssa, walks through how to easily improve your email deliverability. As an online creator, this is a big deal... (More)