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Email Marketing
Email Marketing
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Build Your List Using ConvertKit with Angel Marie

I have something super fun to share with you today!

Our very own Creator Educator, Angel Marie, was a guest on the How I Built It podcast with Joe Casabona. They cover all aspects of building your list and there's... (More)

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Email Marketing
I am trying to get my email set up on convertkit do I need to have my hub set up first?
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Email Marketing
Question: Reminder email to people not opening emails in a sequence Is there any way to send a reminder to people who are part of a sequence have not not opened the last 2 or 3 emails? This should happen... (More)
Haley C
Community Manager

How to Connect Your Landing Page to Your Sales Funnel

Happy Thursday, Everybody! 

Every good sales pitch starts with a _______. How would YOU fill in the blank? 

Check out this post from the ConvertKit blog (Tradecraft), and let me know your thoughts below! 

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